Many Cultures, One Family

Representing students from over 15 countries!


(314) 776-0883

3022 Oregon Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63118

School Day Hours: 7:15am-3:15pm

Summer Office Hours: 9:00am-2:00pm

Faculty and Staff

Pastor Designate:  Fr. Paul Niemann
Principal:  Mrs. Caroline Koetting
Social Worker:  Ms. Pattie Murphy Voss
Administrative Assistant:  Ms. Tina Colombo
School Nurse: Ellen Drayton
Kindergarten:  Mrs. Terin Brooks
1st Grade:  Mrs. Kathy Torrington
2nd Grade:  Miss Gwen Cataldo
3rd Grade Homeroom / 3rd & 4th gr Science:  Mr. John Bruce
4th Grade Homeroom / 4th & 3rd gr Social Studies:  Miss Megan Kelly
5th Grade Homeroom / 4th – 8th gr  Math: Miss Kelly O’Neal
6th Grade Homeroom / 5th – 8th gr History / 5th & 6th gr Religion:

Mrs. Heidi Piatchek
7th Grade Homeroom / 6th – 8th gr Communication Arts:  Mrs. Michel Wendell
8th Grade Homeroom / 5th – 8th gr Science / 7th & 8th gr Religion:

Mrs. Elizabeth DeBoo
Instructional Coach: Mrs. Margaret Karl
Art:  Ms. Emily Hemeyer

UD Music: Mr. Kwame Segar
Primary Music: Ms. Margaret Bianchetta
Physical Education: Mrs. Peggy Martin

School Nutrition Director: Mrs. Mary Jo Grigaitis
Director of Religious Education: Deacon George Watson