Activities & Enrichment

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum including Art (Artist in Residence program), Physical Education and Music with support and enhancement through:

  • Tutors are available on a regular basis to provide both remedial and enrichment support.
  • Instructional Coach evaluates curriculum and provides resources to support instruction.
  • Learning Consultant works with individuals and small groups of students to target specific learning needs.
  • Cabrini students participate in art contests, National Geographic Geography Bee, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee, St. Louis Dancing Classrooms and various local opportunities to extend their classroom learning.
  • With a focus on literacy, Cabrini utilizes the accelerated reading (AR) program.
  • In partnership with Opera St. Louis our 8th graders stage a musical. Following a study of musical theater, students take full responsibility for all aspects of assembling and performing a musical production.
  • Title Services: Students may receive academic student support through the Title program in partnership with St. Louis Public School system.

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Enrichment opportunities are available through a variety of clubs that typically meet after school and are offered at no cost to the families:

  • Art Club
  • Robotics Club in conjunction with St. Louis University & Clavius Project
  • School Garden
  • Instrumental music lessons & band
  • Children’s Choir
  • Catholic Youth Council (CYC) sports teams
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Book Club
  • Safety Patrol

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