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Admissions Process

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Once a family determines that they are interested in applying to St. Frances Cabrini Academy, they should complete an application and submit required documents, including a $35 per child application fee which is non-refundable.


Every prospective student will be assessed for grade readiness and fit. Family interviews, review of records and assessments will be used to determine acceptance.

With the exception of kindergarten applicants, prospective students will be asked to spend a full-day visiting Cabrini, interacting with potential classmates and teachers as well as participating in classroom activities. During their visit, the applicant will complete math and language arts assessments. Applicants will also be observed for their social interactions with the teachers and classmates. Incoming kindergarten applicants will be invited to a kindergarten interaction session.

If a visit day cannot be scheduled (such as during summer break), the applicant will meet with a Cabrini teacher or administrator to take appropriate placement tests and participate in an informal interview process. In this case, conditional acceptance may be offered. 


Acceptance decisions will be made following a review of records and a meeting with parents. Applicants will receive a letter of acceptance within two weeks.  If it is determined that Cabrini is not the best fit for the applicant, we will work with the family to make appropriate recommendations regarding other options.

More Questions?

Please see Admissions FAQ page for additional information or contact Pattie Murphy Voss at (314) 776-0883 or

We also invite families to schedule a tour of the school. Families will visit classrooms, speak with teachers, interact with current students, and spend time meeting with the school’s administration. Please note, the tour will include climbing several flights of stairs. If interested, please call ahead to schedule with Pattie.