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Terin Brooks (Kindergarten)

Terin Brooks

Years at Cabrini: Twelve Years

Previous Positions: Kindergarten Teacher’s Assistant in Clayton School District

Degrees: Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education; Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Why do you enjoy teaching at Cabrini? Cabrini is a truly unique school. I love how the students and staff care about each other and work towards a common goal. I truly enjoy coming to work each day because Cabrini is my “home away from home.”

How would you describe your teaching style and methods? In my classroom, you will see students constructing their own knowledge. They will not be forced to sit for long periods of time, and will be encouraged to work with others frequently. You will also notice children working on activities that are aimed at their specific level, rather than making every child do the same thing. The most important thing that you will notice about children in my classroom is that they LOVE school and know that it is a safe place to learn and grow!