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Megan Kelly (4th grade / 3rd & 4th grade Social Studies / 4th & 5th grade Language Arts)

Megan Kelly

Teaches: 4th Grade / 3rd & 4th Grade Social Studies / 4th & 5th Grade Language Arts

Years at Cabrini:  First year

Previous Experience:  I have volunteered as a teaching assistant in a variety of classrooms and grade levels both in California (my home state) and abroad in Spain!

Degrees: B.S. in Child Studies, B.A. in History, and a B.A. in Spanish from Santa Clara University

Teaching Certificates: I am currently earning my Masters of Arts in Teaching and elementary certification as a member of Saint Louis University’s Billiken Teacher Corps

Why did you choose Cabrini?  I am excited to be working at Cabrini because, even as a new teacher, I can see the pride and love for Cabrini on the faces of the school’s staff when they talk about their students.  I can tell the Cabrini community is 100% dedicated to the growth, education, and happiness of the students.  I could not be more excited to work with such a great team of educators and join the Cabrini family!

How would you describe your teaching style and method? My teaching style is evolving, but at its core is the importance of student-teacher relationships. I believe that a key element to student success is when students feel that the classroom is a safe place to be themselves. My priority is to create an environment where my students feel accepted and encouraged, allowing me to get to know them better and then finding ways to make the material relatable. It is important for students to make a connection to what they are learning and begin to develop a curiosity for learning more – both in and out of the classroom!