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Peggy Martin (P.E.)

Peggy Martin

Teaches: Physical Education

Years at Cabrini: 2nd school year

Previous Positions: I have been a homeroom teacher for fifth grade, then seventh. After that, I taught Art for kindergarten through eighth grade. This is my eighth year teaching Physical Education.

Why do you enjoy teaching at Cabrini?  I am pleased to be a part of the St. Frances Cabrini family. I recently learned my family is from the same region of Italy as St. Cabrini: the Lombard Region, which is the Northern part of Italy. My four Grandparents moved from the same region of Italy to the Hill. When she came to St. Louis she ministered to the Italian immigrants. What a coincidence!

How would you describe your teaching style and methods?

It is totally different from the regular classroom. The children love to play and hopefully they will learn a lot along the way. All of my lessons include a little history, rules and to physically demonstrate the skills we learn. I also teach the students how to keep their bodies healthy.

Please introduce yourself to me if you see me around the school!

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