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March 2019


7th and 8th graders are working hard on their long term science projects. After much research and discussion, each team has written their problem, hypothesis, and procedure. During the next few weeks, they will be conducting their experiments at school.


We can’t wait to harvest the first crops from our Tower Garden! We’ll add them to our salad bar on Fridays.


It was an exciting weekend for Cabrini’s Robotics team as they participated in the Clavius Jamboree at St. Louis University High School. Dakota & Elli solved a number of challenges scoring several perfect scores (5/5) along the way! We are proud of the team and grateful to Mr. Chandler for preparing the students for this exciting opportunity.

Auction News

We are looking forward to our annual auction on May 11, 2019. There are many ways to get involved:

  • Attend as a guest!
  • Volunteer your time by assembling baskets, setting up & decorating, working the evening of the auction or helping with clean-up!
  • Bake appetizers or desserts for the evening.
  • Consider offering a service for the silent auction such as baking a cake, lawn care, or half day of house cleaning.
  • Donate a gift card or certificate to be included in our gift baskets or as a prize for an auction game.

Regardless of how you participate, get ready because we’re going to have a ball!

Note from Mrs. Koetting

This month we will enter the season of Lent – the most solemn and ultimately joyous time of year.  It is a time to fast, pray, and give ourselves more fully to God. We invite you to join us on Ash Wednesday for a prayer service at 10:00am in church.

Always focused on our God-given gifts, our school continues to be alive with learning. At each grade level, students and teachers are busy! Some of the activities I recently witnessed:

Kindergarten: students working independently and collaboratively as they rotate through centers that include a variety of activities to support reading skills.

First grade: students reading non-fiction literature and writing facts and opinions in their journals.

Second grade: students practicing prayers in preparation for First Communion.

Third grade: students comparing and contrasting Ms. Kerr and Mrs. Koetting!

Fourth grade: students reading and learning about presidents.

Fifth grade: students building circuits in Science and sharing the process.

Sixth grade: students walking and running to contribute miles to the 10,000 mile challenge.

Seventh grade: students discussing characteristics of and building geometric shapes with a 3D pen!

Eighth grade: students building Tiny House models, out of various materials, in Art class following research and a discussion about the logistics and impact.

Even after school, our teachers continue to work to provide our students with enrichment opportunities through after school clubs. This week we are thrilled to be adding Girls on the Run and Art Club!  Stay tuned for updates!

I invite you to join me in wandering the halls … we love to show off our school! We welcome visitors on WalkAbout Wednesdays between 8:30 – 10:00 am.

Enrollment Update

We are in the middle of our enrollment season – please be sure to get your re-enrollment forms in to guarantee your spot. We have welcomed many visitors and expect several classes to fill to capacity (25 students) soon!



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