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3022 Oregon Avenue

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Many Cultures. One Family.


First grade will be taking a series of nature walks to Benton Park this year.  We will visit the park in each season and will write and draw what we see in nature.  Our writing and drawing will be published as a class book to illustrate the changes we see in the world around us as the seasons change.  We took our first walk Monday 9/17 and noted the green leaves, the long grass, some monarch butterflies, a caterpillar and the hot, hot sun in a bright blue sky!
8th Grade Musical revealed!  Children of Eden, Jr is based on the story of Genesis, the age-old conflict between parents and children.  Our 8th grade students will study the music and use theater education to prepare for the performance.
We are excited to provide this opportunity for 8th graders and look forward to sharing the production with you in the spring.
Language Arts Surprise!
Students in Miss Rosene’s Language Arts classes received a wonderful gift earlier this year. Over the summer Miss Rosene was able to get every 6th, 7th and 8th grader sponsored. These students will receive a book once a month for the rest of the school year.
“I was blown away at the response I received. I am very grateful that I was able to make this happen for my students.” said Miss Rosene.

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